Akron Viper Heritage woman swimwear

Face it off, make it thrill, shake your passion

Elastic module specifically designed to generate a muscle massage that reduces athlete's fatigue during massive stress time. Technologies, fabric and Italian design for a comfort and elasticity of the texture that is transferred to the athlete giving a feeling of second skin, eliminating any braking friction.
Serpentine movement between water molecules thanks to the high percentage of Elastane and the compactness of the fabric, that offers total adherence to the body and maintains the effect of compression and containment.


  • Minimum Friction.
  • Maximum Compression.
  • Spring effect.
  • Nanotechnology treatment.
  • Second skin effect.
  • Hydrodynamics.
  • Thickness: 26 microns.
  • Weight: 98 g/mq.
  • Material: 60% PA, 40% EA.