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Max energy return puts a spring in your step

Super springy
Our DNA AMP midsole technology delivers high energy return that helps your foot spring off the ground.

  • DNA AMP returns energy by absorbing it as your foot hits the ground, then and sending it straight back up to you.
  • Our cushioning technologies all start with DNA because they react to your unique stride.

Stretch upper
A new engineered circular knit material in the upper provides breathability and ensures a more flexible, accommodating fit.

Quick transitions
The arrow-point pattern in the outsole lets your foot move quickly from heel to toe, enhancing the shoe's springy feel.
Quick transitions help reduce your ground contact times, keeping your stride quick and efficient.


  • Best for: Springy ride, Training, Road running, Treadmill.
  • Super springy feel
  • Quick transitions
  • Experience Type: Energize.
  • Surface: Road.
  • Support: Neutral.
  • Real weight: 290 g (Us 9).


The relationship between running and energy seems simple. As you run, your energy drains. But what if you could get some of that energy back? That’s the goal of Brooks DNA AMP, a midsole technology designed to provide cushioning as well as energy return.
DNA AMP is a midsole material that is formulated to absorb the force of your stride and return that energy back to you rather than letting it disperse. That’s why shoes that use DNA AMP feel springy instead of just soft.