Compressport Pro Racing V4.0 Bike socks

High-cut, stylish cycling socks with enhanced aerodynamic performance and optimised ventilation for fast, comfortable riding

Redesigned from top to toe for improved aerodynamic performance and comfort, the brand new Pro Racing Sock Bike brings new levels of support, speed and ventilation to long days in the saddle. A striped weave around the foot and at the rear of the sock quickly wicks away sweat and moisture to keep feet cool and dry at all times. The redesigned, wider toe box also offers improved proprioception throughout the pedal stroke. The signature arch support offers a snug hold, boosts blood flow and prevents the fabric from twisting or folding: no more hot spots or irritation on longer rides. Two lines of 3D.Dots reach halfway up the Achilles tendon for added support when you dance out of the saddle. They surround a row of the brand new Flat.dots for further ventilation. Underfoot, a pattern of 3D.Dots and Flat.Dots in equal proportion offers added grip in the shoe as well as light micro stimulation, activating venous return and delaying fatigue. The sides of the sock feature brand new Aero.dots technology from the malleolus to the seam, directing the airflow to reduce turbulence at the rear of the sock and decrease drag as the speed ramps up. The cut, higher than the trail and running models, is designed specifically for cycling performance and aesthetics whilst remaining within UCI limits. The stylish tab at the rear of the sock adds a touch of class and the discipline is discreetly embroidered on the inside, should you hesitate when reaching into the sock drawer.


  • Improved aerodynamics thanks to a cycling-specific, increased sock height and technology to reduce drag.
  • Tight arch support to activate venous return and boost blood flow during effort, enhancing performance and preventing the sock from moving while riding.
  • High comfort during long days in the saddle thanks to high breathability, ventilation and an ergonomic fit.
  • Composition: 96%PA 4%EA.
  • Activity: Triathlon, Cycling.
  • Use: Race, Training.
  • Manufacturer weight: 44 g.


  • Shock absorb: 1/3.
  • Cushion: 1/3.
  • Breathability: 3/3.
  • Protection: 1/3.
  • Support: 1/3.