Qik Running Cool Essential socks

Maximum comfort, lightness and breathability! Essential socks keep your feet dry and improve thermoregulation thanks to the differentiated weaves throughout the sock structure. Anatomical, seamless socks that do not cause any discomfort, like a second skin. Foam inserts are included in the areas of greatest support, such as the heel, phalanges and metatarsals, to absorb shock and provide a pleasantly soft feel. Finally, the light compression band in the arch area keeps the socks stable, reducing the risk of plantar fasciitis. Perfect for long-term activities, thanks to the antibacterial property of the yarn that eliminates unpleasant odours.



Right vs Left: Anatomical construction of the sock differentiated between right and left foot to ensure comfort and proper fit.


Thanks to the most modern production machines, it is possible to apply seamless technology, which eliminates seams and guarantees no discomfort to the foot.

Fix Compression Bridge

Comfort and maximum stability! The bridge and arch of the foot are wrapped in the sock like second skin, guaranteeing unique stability during movement and at the right compression to facilitate blood flow, thus improving the oxygenation of the muscles and therefore speeding up recovery.


What’s more annoying than a leg-tightening rubber band or worse than a falling sock? Our elastic wristband with No-Block-Cuff system adheres perfectly to the leg supporting the sock but without tightening.

Heel Guard

High density inserts that protect the heel and dampen the pressure.