Shockout antivibration

A patented product that does not go unnoticed, the new ShockOut® anti-vibration system for padel bats

It's hard to find something on the market that combines so many qualities and benefits in one product as the ShockOut® anti-vibration system. Place the dampers in your paddle, and you'll notice the difference. You can vary the placement of the dampers to suit your playing style. Your shot will become more comfortable, your racquet more solid and stable, all without a trace of vibration.

Vibration reduction
This is the only system that reduces vibrations from the hitting surface, which is where the vibrations occur.

Allows the balance of the blade to be varied slightly according to the positioning of the dampers (anti-vibration).

By positioning the dampers in the central part of the blade (dulce point), we perceive, in addition to the disappearance of vibrations, a greater sense of control and greater stability.

It has been observed that the holes in which the dampers are inserted are more resistant, thus reducing the possibility of cracks and breakage.

ShockOut® dampers are sold in different colours. This way we can choose the one that best matches the racket, and we can customize it by distributing the dampers in the holes in the way we like.

ShockOut® makes your racquet "take on body" by making it more solid. The dampers, inserted on both sides, make the racquet structurally better by being more robust.

Instructions for use

Step 1
Make sure the dampers are the right size for your racquet. Currently, they are only produced for bore diameters of 11.5-13 mm, which are the most common. There are already plans to extend the range with other sizes.
You can measure the bore diameter of your racket using the picture printed on the side of the box, or any traditional measuring instrument (metre, ruler, calibre).

Step 2
Choose the holes in which to place the dampers, and proceed by inserting the narrowest part first, pushing the damper in until the widest part clicks below the surface, thus locking in place. Repeat on the other side of the plane.
The dampers should be inserted from both sides of the same hole. (1 hole = 2 dampers).

Step 3
All done! Now all you have to do is get out on the court and start enjoying all the benefits of ShockOut Padel.
The dampers can be distributed over the entire surface of the board. You can choose the middle (sweet spot) or move them to the top or bottom of the paddle, depending on whether you are looking for more power or control.