Ethicsport Super Dextrin Boost 30 ml supplement

Latest generation carbohydrate-based energy supplement, with differentiated energy release, β-alanine & caffeine

SUPER DEXTRIN® BOOST is a latest generation energy supplement. The BOOST version of the SUPER DEXTRIN® formula comes with the addition of β-alanine and caffeine. The product delivers differentiated, long-lasting energy sources, providing a constant boost to muscles and the whole body.


  • High efficiency sequential-mix carbohydrates.
  • Rapid & long-lasting energy release.
  • With caffeine & beta-alanine for intense physical activity.
  • With highly branched cyclic dextrins & palatinose™.
  • Patented formula.
  • 1 gel = 30 ml.


  • For those needing constant energy supply during exercise.
  • For those looking for a long-lasting energy supply for high performance.
  • For those who need an extra boost from caffeine and beta-alanine.