Why choose RUNKD

Passion and experience: the basics on which Runkd is founded, a project that combines experts in e-commerce and athletes who live for the sport, in particular running and triathlon.

A conversation between friends in mid-2018 showed that many runners when buying a product, often have difficulty in finding answers to their questions or finding specific products: resulting that the customers' needs are sidelined.

Therefore, the strength of Runkd is not only being a specialized store but a training partner and teammate at the same time, a support that reduces the gap between web and the trusted physical store. With the advantage of having a wide selection of products, always up to date with the latest news and above all, at competitive prices.

The athlete comes first: not only commercially but especially during pre and post sales assistance. Every question raised to our technical staff is not just a question to be answered or a need to be addressed, but it's above all a source of information to improve one's knowledge. Our experts are always in constant training, they participate in these disciplines (both competitively and on amateur level). Having the opportunity to test the products under all conditions helps to transmit their feedback and impressions directly to the customer.

Other important points:

Prices are constantly updated, without ever neglecting the high standard of service, aiming to deliver the best on the market. Warehouse with real time availability, transparent, new and guaranteed products, offering long term assistance. Rapid delivery times, adequately packed and shipped out even on the same day when the order is placed within the agreed time.







Fast shipment and good service

Fast shipment and good service

Sep 29, 2023

Great offers and smooth service!

Quality products on the website, easy to order and very good info during transport. See you next time! I will recommand you at my running team.

Aug 31, 2023

Very efficient excellent value

Ordered two pairs of Brooks arrived in a few days.. Very good value

Mar 10, 2023