Shockout dual pro grip / overgrip

Less vibrations. More breathability. More grip.

The Dual Pro Grip by ShockOut is a combined absorption system for racket sports, it has a foam band on the inside which makes it a unique and innovative grip. This foam band not only absorbs vibrations, but also creates a spiral relief for a firmer grip and a more solid and secure ball strike. Its inner foam band provides greater cushioning to absorb vibrations from impacts. In addition, being perforated, it absorbs a large amount of sweat from the hand, avoiding its accumulation and preventing it from slipping.

How to place the Dual Pro Grip on your racket?

From the base of the racket, start overlapping along the entire length of the grip, turning it slowly like a normal grip. When you reach the end, secure the grip with the small black tape that comes in the box. We recommend removing the standard grip and exchanging it for the Dual Pro.


Long lasting and grippy overgrips.